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We started our journey in the year 1996 at a small garage in Parnasree, Kolkata. Office interiors were our stepping stone into this industry initially. But over time we gained attention nationwide through our ongoing hustle for great quality and service

Having dealt with the civil work and interiors of various residential and commercial projects across India, we have gained some valuable knowledge of different furniture types. This has enabled us to carefully & meticulously create designs therein products which are low-cost, portable & high-quality.

Our sincerity, dedication & utmost commitment towards valuable service has led to winning the trust of some of the major companies in the garments industry & various independent entities across the nation.

Our vision is to create a trustable & affordable furniture brand and cater to people at every nook and cranny of India be it commercially or residentially. We strive to remain relentless at product development and finer production without drifting away from our starred mission, that is, to provide useful and valuable products at affordable prices across the country.

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